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Perfect Delight
Perfect Delight

Our primary objective is to help you to enjoy the thrill of racehorse ownership whilst minimizing the financial risk. We have a passion for racing which we like to share with like minded people. Our horses are carefully selected on their pedigree, conformation and athletic ability. This gives members the best chance of combining success on the race course with a reasonable return when the horse comes out of training.

Our syndicate horses are either purchased well- bred yearling fillies, wining two year olds or carefully selected home bred horses. Each horse is then put into a separate syndicate and allocated to one of the partnerships. Each horse is divided into eight equal shares which are available for sale or to lease. Any multiple of the shares can be purchased or leased up to 50% of the total horse. In some cases a number of half shares (1/16th) are available. John and Bridget always retain the ownership of at least two shares in each horse. Costs start at an annual charge of around £1,500 for a 1/16th lease share.

The initial payment covers the purchase costs and 50% of the estimated training fees for the first year. The second 50% of the estimated costs are paid six months later. At the end of the first year the accounts are prepared and the fees for the second year are adjusted for actual costs and prize money won. Fees for the second year are also due in two equal instalments. At the end of the second year members can decide whether they want the horse to continue in training for a further year or sell their share. If the horse is sold, the selling price is added to the balance of money remaining and distributed between the members.

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